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Public Employee Education

Level I

• Agenda 
An introductory course that brings selected activists or new staff members into the experience of their role in the Local and the International Union. They are brought into the history of the Union movement and LIUNA’s history in particular. Each student is taught the roles of Local Union offices and positions. They are asked to expand and demonstrate their communication skills and taught the fundamentals of members to member organizing and the elements of excellence in representation.

Student Testimonials

"It exceeded my expectations, I learned so much more about LIUNA and myself than I thought I would."

"I have built a whole sense of confidence as well as courage to speak up and speak out."

Level II
• Agenda 
A more advanced course that gives attention to member to member organizing in represented bargaining units. The main focus is on advanced representation where students are asked to read cases and analyze them and prepare an opening and closing statement in an arbitration.

Student Testimonials

"As a new steward, this class has set the foundation enormously."

"I didn't have any knowledge of a steward role until class. I can take some knowledge back to my work area and share what i have learned."