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Health and Welfare

LIUNA’s multi-employer health and welfare plans have been providing affordable, accessible and quality coverage for members for generations.

Here are some advantages for LIUNA signatory contractors:

  • LIUNA health and welfare funds have been in existence for many years and are time proven, effective and competitive.
  • Reduction of administrative costs through oversight from highly experienced trustees and administrators.
  • The employer shared responsibility requirement will be met by providing coverage to employees through a LIUNA health and welfare fund thereby eliminating any employer shared responsibility penalty.
  • As larger entities, LIUNA multiemployer plans have access to investment and consulting advice which would be cost prohibitive for smaller plans and employers.
  • Employer contributions  to multi-employer plans are tax deductible.
  • LIUNA health and welfare plans generally offer comprehensive provider networks which are something not all health care exchanges may be able to provide.
  • LIUNA health and welfare funds have access to and the ability to join LaboreRx and medical stop loss programs – both intended to provide high quality products and services at reduced rates as a result of group purchasing power.
  • Multiemployer health and welfare funds provide coverage that meets minimum essential coverage under ACA with minimal values exceeding the 60% threshold and, often, the 80-90% threshold, comparable to gold and platinum levels of health care exchange coverage.
  • LIUNA’s health and welfare funds can provide assistance with the information that must be included in the employer ACA exchange notices to employees.

Benefit Payments for Signatories to National Agreements

The Laborers- Employers Benefit Plan Collection Trust (LEBPCT) was established to solve the complexity of fringe benefit reporting and payments for contractors who employ LIUNA members from multiple Local Unions. The LEBPCT serves LIUNA members and contractors working under all applicable national construction agreements. The advantage of the LEBPCT is its simplicity – the contractor writes one check to the Collection Trust and the appropriate amounts are distributed to LIUNA affiliated funds. The benefit for contractors is that the LEBPCT offers a one-stop service for benefit reporting and payments. The benefit for members is that work hours and contributions made on behalf of LIUNA members can be thoroughly tracked regardless of where the employee worked. To find out more information about this innovative program, please call the LIUNA Construction Department or visit the LEBPCT’s website.