We are a nation of citizens. Citizenship unites us and can strengthen our unions.

LIUNA was founded more than a century ago by immigrants struggling for citizenship and to improve their lives. These proud men and women have helped build our nation, just as many immigrants do today.

Our current immigration policy is failing both citizens and immigrants.

  • Comprehensive immigration reform must include an earned path to citizenship so there is no underclass of workers that employers can use to drive down wages and working conditions.
  • We have an obligation to secure our borders in a strong and humane way, while still recognizing it's in everyone's interest to keep families together.
  • We are not a nation of guests and temporary workers and there is no justification for guest worker programs in the construction industry.

LIUNA supports comprehensive immigration reform. Some Republicans have proposed a "piecemeal approach" which would expand guest worker programs, and create an even larger pool of workers vulnerable to exploitation, without providing an earned path to citizenship.

LIUNA members and fellow workers will be joining efforts across the country to support comprehensive immigration reform measure that will help undocumented workers step out of the shadows.