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Pension, Health & Welfare

LIUNA Local Unions participate in many different benefit plans. If you are looking for specific information about your pension and benefits, please contact your Local Union directly for information.


Pensions and retirement security after a life of hard work is under attack. Two thirds of Americans no longer have a secure, adequate and predictable retirement check. Social security and a defined-benefit pension plan have long been the foundation of a secure retirement, however, use of employer-paid defined pension plans has declined dramatically for non-union workers, in favor of 401(k)s and other investment funds that depend mostly on what employees can save. Union workers are also struggling to retain defined-benefit plans.

Health and Welfare

According to the Census Bureau, 82 percent of union construction workers have health insurance, compared with only 46 percent of non-union construction workers. While bargaining for health care grows more expensive, LIUNA is exploring innovative ways to reduce costs, such as pooling more members to increase purchasing power.

National Reciprocal Agreement

The jurisdiction of LIUNA encompasses many different industries and locations throughout the United States where some members may work within the jurisdiction of many different local unions and their participating benefit funds over the course of their career. The National Reciprocal Agreement (NRA) was established for pension funds and health and welfare funds in the United States to help members ensure continuity and bridge gaps in benefit eligibility. Find out if your pension fund and health & welfare fund is signatory to the NRA. For more information, see the complete list of Affiliated Funds.