America’s Bridges

It’s time to stop sugar-coating the issue of America’s crumbling roads and bridges. The deteriorating condition of our transportation infrastructure, with one in four bridges deficient or obsolete and potholes and other poor road conditions contributing to approximately 10,000 traffic deaths a year – coupled with hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk.

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LIUNA applauds Congress for its bipartisan action in passing the Funding America’s Surface Transportation Act, ending a decade of duct-tape approaches to our country’s critical transportation infrastructure.

Legislators must now move forward in crafting a transportation policy with a sustainable flow of needed revenue. The current 18.4 cent gas tax, which is the main source of transportation investment, has lost nearly half its value since it was last adjusted in 1993, contributing to our deteriorating and increasingly unsafe surface transportation system. A modest adjustment to the gas tax now would go a long way towards addressing the crisis.

Check Your Route for Deficient Bridges

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