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The LIUNA Difference

From pay to training to retirement, LIUNA members live better. 

Men and women working in the construction industry see the difference a union makes in every paycheck and in their benefits.

  • The average hourly wage for union workers is $33.86, compared with $28.95 for workers who don’t have a union.
  • When it comes to weekly earnings, median union worker pay far exceeds weekly pay for nonunion workers – $1,263 compared with $1090. That’s more than a 15% percent pay advantage.
  • The value of benefits received by union workers is $22.26 per hour, compared with only $11.32 for workers who don’t have a union. The hourly value of insurance provided for union workers $7.10, compared with $2.69 for workers without a union. The value of retirement benefits earned by union workers is $4.85 per hour, compared with only $1.12 for nonunion workers.
  • Among workers with a union, 96 percent have healthcare – compared with 69 percent of non-union workers. Among union workers, 79 percent have defined benefit pensions – meaning the monthly retirement benefit is stable, regardless of conditions on Wall Street – compared with only 17 percent of non-union workers.

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Having a union helps neutralize pay discrimination and gives younger workers a better shot at good jobs. The most recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows:

  • For women in a union, the weekly pay advantage is 24 percent over non-union women in the workforce.
  • For Hispanic and Latino union workers, the weekly pay advantage is 39 percent.
  • For African American union workers, the weekly pay advantage is 26 percent.
  • Workers 16 to 24 years old earn nearly 20 percent more if they have a union.

LIUNA workers have access to one of the best continuing FREE education systems in the world.

  • With dozens of courses available in more than 70 training centers, top-notch training opens the door to new opportunities and provides members with valuable skills that build life-long construction careers.
  • Classes are available in every state in the U.S. and every province in Canada.

Unions like LIUNA help protect workers’ lives.

  • Members are empowered with the ability to speak out about workplace hazards.
  • Members are provided with training in order to recognize potential hazards.
  • A Bureau of Labor Statistics study found that the construction fatality rate in states in so-called “right to work” states, where unions are discouraged, are 37 percent higher.