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Members of LIUNA are known for bringing more to the work site than their Union cards. Laborers built our Union by delivering experience in the field, skills for the job, pride in their work, and a strong safety-conscious work ethic. To sustain these qualities in current and future members, and for the benefit of our signatory contractors, LIUNA has adopted a Code of Performance for its members and officers.

The goal of the Code of Performance is to ensure that our members meet the highest standards and exceed the expectations of our contractors. Member responsibilities under the Code include:

  • Developing skills through apprenticeship and training programs
  • Being ready, willing and able to work on time
  • Knowing and following the Local Union’s job referral rules
  • Avoiding excessive absenteeism and tardiness
  • Following direction from supervisors
  • Giving a fair day’s work
  • Treating the tools and property of others with respect
  • Using established procedure to avoid disputes
  • Working safely; using safety equipment and following safe practices

Following these standards will ensure that we can provide a workforce that makes contractors want to be Union and owners want to build Union.

The Code will be implemented through the Local Unions’ hiring hall and referral systems. It includes referral penalties for Laborers who are fired for cause. You should be sure to get a copy explaining the Code in detail from your Local Union.