LIUNA: On the Frontlines of the Energy Industry

LIUNA Builds and Maintains Energy Infrastructure

Members build and maintain the infrastructure that powers homes and businesses across the nation. In the power generation industry, LIUNA builds, maintains, and modernizes power plants for fuel sources including wind, solar, nuclear, coal and natural gas. In the gas distribution sector, LIUNA members repair, maintain, construct, and recondition natural gas pipelines. In the upstream sector-oil and gas exploration and production-LIUNA members primarily build, maintain and repair exploration sites and access roads. In the midstream sector, which consists of transporting and treating natural gas and oil before it reaches users, members clear right of way, build pipelines and return the land to its original condition-or better. LIUNA is also crucial in the downstream oil and natural gas sector, helping to build and maintain liquid natural gas export terminals.

New Federal Energy Investments and Incentives Will Create Good Jobs

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, also known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021, makes the single largest investment to modernize our power grid in American history and expands renewable energy. The law invests $73 billion to build thousands of miles of resilient transmission lines and $7.5 billion to build out a national network of Electric Vehicle chargers. 

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 will invest in energy development and for the first-time ever requires Davis-Bacon prevailing wages and apprenticeship standards for private developers to qualify for boosted federal energy incentives on wind, solar, advanced nuclear, carbon capture, and energy storage construction projects.

The CHIPS Act of 2022, which addresses long-standing underinvestment in our nation’s manufacturing, will also require prevailing wages when building semiconductor manufacturing plants. These pieces of legislation will ensure that the hundreds of thousands of construction jobs created will provide middle-class family-sustaining wages.

LIUNA Members Advocate for an All-of-the-Above Energy Policy

LIUNA supports policies that encourage an “all-of -the-above” approach to meeting our energy needs and for strong labor standards as a condition for federal support.

LIUNA also supports new capacity in refining and liquefied natural gas with labor standards as well as the responsible development of minerals, natural gas resources, next generation nuclear power,  new technologies for increasing the use of hydrogen and carbon capture - all of which can help communities reliant on fossil fuels maintain their economic viability.

LIUNA Energy Work

LIUNA members work in every area of the energy sector, helping build natural gas and oil pipelines,  nuclear and LNG plants, solar, and wind farms, as well as being skilled in the maintenance of natural gas distribution pipelines, nuclear and coal power plant facilities. 

Recent projects include:

  • • Nicor Gas Distribution, Chicago, IL
  • • Shell Cracker Plant, Beaver County, PA
  • • Plant Vogle, Waynesboro, GA
  • • Tennessee Valley Authority, TN
  • • Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, Maine
  • • Dakota Access Pipeline, ND to IL
  • • Wheatridge Wind, OR
  • • Edwards and Sanborn Solar Project, CA
  • • Skipjack Wind, DE/MD

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