Protect and Strengthen Health Care

LIUNA members have gone on strike, sacrificed, and bargained for healthcare coverage for themselves and their families. Through negotiated payments from employers and members, members have quality healthcare that transfers with them from employer to employer and jobsite to jobsite.

But for millions of Americans, the healthcare system is severely broken. The Affordable Care Act was a first step for our nation in making health coverage more accessible and affordable for millions of Americans. LIUNA fought and won key improvements to the ACA; including the elimination of onerous taxes, such as the Cadillac tax and other requirements that would have unfairly impacted union member health plans.

LIUNA members support further improvements to our healthcare system, including reducing the age for Medicare eligibility, and other expansions of Medicare. We support efforts to drive down prescription drug costs, stop surprise medical bills, and control healthcare insurance premiums.

Improving our healthcare system must preserve the union healthcare plans working men and women have sacrificed to obtain and must recognize that healthcare is a fundamental human right for all Americans.

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