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Public Employee Education

NEW - PED Stewards's Module

Public Employee Training Academy

The LIUNA Public Employee Department (PED) established the PED Academy to educate union leaders, activists, staff, and stewards in the areas of communications, organizing, representation, labor history, bargaining, and labor law. The training provides students with tools to better represent our union Brothers and Sisters in the federal, healthcare, education, and state and local government sectors. 

The PED Academy is comprised of five courses – Arbitration, Collective Bargaining, CORE (Communications, Organizing and Representational Excellence), Grievance Handling and Stewards Roles, and Organizing. See below for class descriptions, agendas and calendar. Contact your Regional Office to register for programs.

Public Employee Academy Calendar for 2017 TBA.

Level I
• Agenda • Recent Graduates
An introductory course that brings selected activists or new staff members into the experience of their role in the Local and the International Union. They are brought into the history of the Union movement and LIUNA’s history in particular. Each student is taught the roles of Local Union offices and positions. They are asked to expand and demonstrate their communication skills and taught the fundamentals of members to member organizing and the elements of excellence in representation.
Student Testimonials

"It exceeded my expectations, I learned so much more about LIUNA and myself than I thought I would."

"I have built a whole sense of confidence as well as courage to speak up and speak out."

Level II
• Agenda • Recent Graduates 
A more advanced course that gives attention to members to member organizing in represented bargaining units through the O.P.E.N. training. However, its main focus is on advanced representation where students are asked to read cases and analyze them and prepare an opening and closing statement in an arbitration.
Student Testimonials

"As a new steward, this class has set the foundation enormously."

"I didn't have any knowledge of a steward role until class. I can take some knowledge back to my work area and share what i have learned."

Collective Bargaining Training
• Agenda • Recent Graduates
The first day of this course gives students an overview of how the union and management prepare for negotiations. Students are assigned to a negotiation team that are either union or management and are tasked to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement by Thursday of the training week. This process allows students to get firsthand experience in preparing and negotiating an agreement. Mentors are either union or management and participate in the training by assisting students during the negotiation process. 
Student Testimonials

"Understanding that the members are our main concern and it’s important to negotiate a fair contract to benefit both parties."

"I feel I am better prepared to negotiate bargaining agreements. The resources I have gained will help me indefinitely."

Organizing Training
• Agenda • Recent Graduates
The training begins with a session on Organizing Public Employees Now (O.P.E.N.) which gives students the basics on organizing principles in the public sector. Two students are assigned to a mentor organizer and will work as a team during the week long training in bargaining units represented by the host local or at selected external targets. Organizing and classroom training are continuous throughout the week with organizing results reported by each team on a daily bases. The hands on experience will prepare students to return to their respective locals with a better understanding of the importance of organizing and how to organize.
Student Testimonials

"The hands on education. Every situation is different and you never know what you’re walking into. But most of all you need to listen to the members and possible members and help educate them on their right and the power they have as a whole."

"Sometimes we don’t know how important it is to educate our membership. As an organization we need to start working on internal and external organizing, which are important for LIUNA."

Arbitration Training
• Agenda • Recent Graduates

This course is designed to help students understand how to interact with members, witnesses, grievants and management in preparation for arbitration. Students will learn how to determine if a case should go to arbitration, how to present opening and closing statements, witness preparation, and direct and cross examination. All students will participate in a mock arbitration on the final day of training. This class is appropriate for experienced stewards and union staff whose Business Manager would like them to become introduced to the arbitration process, with the goal of assisting with arbitration preparation. 
Students' Course Evaluations:

"The mock arbitration was the best part. It was great to break the ice so as to have a feel for it in the future."

"I learned more than I thought I even would and would like to take more arbitration courses in the future."