Training and Education Programs for Construction and Public Employee Locals

Training for LIUNA Leaders of construction Locals is administered through LIUNA's Education Department and is offered to elected officials and those who represent LIUNA's construction trades Locals. Learn more.

LIUNA elected officials and representatives of public employee Locals receive training and education that is administered through LIUNA's Public Employee Department. Learn more.

Continuing Education

The United Association for Labor Education (UALE) provides union leaders and members with additional information on various educational institutions that offer labor degree and certificate programs, such as the Cornell Labor Studies Program, and the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst offers two Master's degree programs in Labor Studies. They include both a traditional graduate program for young activists and a limited-residency program for union leaders and activists already working in the labor movement. 

Bonnie Ladin Union Skills Training Program

The AFL-CIO Bonnie Ladin Union Skills (BLUS) Training Program conducts intensive, weeklong courses for union leaders by combining in-class instruction with real life experience. Main fields of study include:

  • Union administration
  • Collective bargaining (private and public sector)
  • Organizing (internal and external)
  • Arbitration and grievance handling


LIUNA members can apply for scholarships for university, college, trade school and technical trainings through Union Plus. Learn more information about Union Plus scholarships here.

LIUNA Training Fund

LIUNA offers training for LIUNA members through the LIUNA Training Funds.

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