Corporate Interest Groups Are Pushing So-Called Right-to-Work, Attacking Our Right to Prosper

Michigan Republicans passed a so-called right-to-work law, undermining the freedom to have a union in one of the strongest union states. Working people, unions and allies are mobilizing to stop the spread of the law, which lowers living standards for workers and threatens collective bargaining. 

Know the facts. So-called Right-to-Work doesn't create jobs. It turns good union jobs into bad jobs.

  • Workers in so-called right-to-work states make about $5,300 less per year.
  • In so-called right-to-work states, fewer are free to join a union, slashing retirement contributions and crippling pensions.
  • You might call it “right-to-work to death” - the workplace death rate is 36 percent higher in so-called right-to-work states.


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