LIUNA 2016 Election Efforts Second to None

A Message from General President Terry O’Sullivan

The surprising and disappointing results of last night’s election are a wake-up call to Washington and quite frankly to the country. The results convey a deep concern with the direction our country is headed and emphasize the need to make our economy work better for working class Americans everywhere. LIUNA is prepared to work with the next President and Congress. And, as always, we will continue to defend the founding principles of our nation and our union to ensure that regardless of race, heritage, or gender every working woman and man has an equal opportunity to succeed and prosper.

While we are disappointed, we cannot measure our success or failure solely on election results. I couldn’t be more proud of the efforts of LIUNA members during the 2016 election. LIUNA’s election efforts were second to none and set us apart as an activist organization. LIUNA doubled-down in our election efforts making sure everyone could feel the power of LIUNA orange. Members were front and center in rally after rally and boots on the ground for tens of thousands of hours of volunteer door-knocking and phone banking.

Now that the election is over and we will work with a new White House and Congress, there is much for us to do. The strong, proud, and united members of LIUNA will not be deterred in our efforts to fight for an aggressive agenda to increase infrastructure investment, define smart energy policy, defend prevailing wages, repeal the Cadillac tax, enact pension reform, protect Federal employees, enact meaningful postal reform, and win comprehensive immigration reform.

It will take the efforts of every LIUNA member to accomplish our progressive and aggressive legislative agenda to provide a middle-class way of life for our members and their families. With the strong, proud, and united brothers and sisters of LIUNA, I couldn’t be more confident of our ability to move our organization forward. May you continue to feel the power, may you continue to use the power, and may you continue to be the power.