Renewing Lives: from Suits to Steel Toe Boots

Before Jackie joined LIUNA she'd often get home after 10:00 at night and miss out on spending time with her family. Now as a union member, not only is Jackie able to spend time with her husband and daughters in the evening, she has also launched a career in construction. Joining a union renewed Jackie's life -- watch her story.

Renewing Lives: A Different Life for my Children

Alexander started working odd jobs at eight years old. He cut lawns and sold fruit out of his back yard to help his family make ends meet, but was determined to have a different life for his children. By becoming a member of LIUNA Local 783, his children now have access to medical and dental care and other opportunities he didn't have growing up. Being a union member also made it easier for Alexander to go back to school and earn two degrees in criminal justice and psychology. Joining a union renewed Alexander's life -- watch his story.

Renewing Workers' Lives

Renewing Lives is a series featuring working men and women telling their stories of how joining LIUNA renewed their lives. Watch the promo and first part of the series here. Construction projects in California don't only build renewal energy—they renew the lives of workers and put them on a path to the middle class.