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Organizing Resources

Check a company's business registration at National Association of Secretaries of State.

Search for a lawsuit that has been filed against a specific company at BRB Publications.

Find out how much top executives are paid at public companies.

Check to see if a company receives federal contracts at Fed Spending.

Check workplace safety inspection records at the US Dept. of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration web site.

Search federal lawsuits against your target at PACERRegistration is free.  There is a charge of eight cents per search. Printed copies can be obtained for eights cents per page.

Check the state debarred contractor lists and federally debarred contractor lists.

Check on unfair labor practices at the US National Labor Relations Board web site.

Check food and drug safety inspection records at the Federal Drug Administration web site.

Check company benefits at the freeERISA web site. Requires free registration and password.

Check on the tax forms for nonprofits at the Foundation Center web site, The National Database of Nonprofit Organizations.

Check environmental polluters at the Scorecard web site, an Environmental Defense web site.

For broad information searches, go to google or dogpile.

Write open record requests/freedom of information letters at the Student Press Law Center web site.

Locating courthouse research resources.

Check campaign donation records at the Center For Responsible Politics and National Institute on Money in State Politics - Follow the Money.

Check wage survey information for Davis-Bacon and Related Acts at the US Dept. of Labor Webpage on Employment Standards Administration Wage and Hour Division.

Language translation at the Babel Fish Translation page on Altavista or the SDL International web site's Translation Page.

Search profiles of Canadian companies at Corporate Information provided by Wright Investor's Service.