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Green Tea Party Kills Blue Collar Jobs

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Washington, D.C. (September 22, 2015) – Terry O’Sullivan, General President of LIUNA – the Laborers’ International Union of North America – made the following statement today about the Keystone XL Pipeline:

Now, with a commitment from the all of the announced Democratic Presidential candidates to oppose Keystone, the White House can cement its legacy of turning its back on American workers and congratulate themselves on fueling a radical movement that undermines our energy security and takes food off of the table of middle class workers.


The hard working men and women who build this country’s infrastructure are angry and disappointed that their jobs are once again being dismissed because of the need for candidates to curry favor from environmental elitists. However, it should come as no surprise given the bungling and mismanagement of the permitting process by President Obama and his team of environmental lackeys.


Democrats continue to push blue collar working men and women away from a party that once proudly embraced the principle that without the dignity of a job, every other issue becomes background noise. Environmental extremists and their billionaire backers are becoming the Democrat’s “Green” Tea Party, a party that kills blue collar jobs and puts their own fringe beliefs before the good of the nation and working people.


Unfortunately, this is what hard-working, middle-class workers have come to expect from their supposed friends, and it is because of this that there will be pause and consternation at the ballot box.


The half-million members of LIUNA – the Laborers’ International Union of North America – are on the forefront of the construction industry, a powerhouse of workers who are proud to build America.