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Dakota Access Pipeline Approval: Victory for Communities from North Dakota to Illinois

Washington, D.C. (July 26, 2016) – Terry O’Sullivan, General President of LIUNA – the Laborers’ International Union of North America – made the following statement today regarding approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers:

The men and women of LIUNA applaud the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for its fair and thorough review of the Dakota Access Pipeline. This decision is a victory for communities from North Dakota to Illinois and a testament to the high standards and reputation for quality and safety of both the skilled workers who will build Dakota Access and the project owner, Energy Transfer Partners, who with its combined affiliates, is the largest pipeline company in the United States.


The Dakota Access project passed reviews by four regulatory boards, which heard from affected communities, including workers, environmentalists and cultural experts. Each board found that residents would benefit from the project. From improved access to domestic fuel to a $5 billion economic infusion in the form of jobs, tax payments, and reimbursements for landowners, communities stand to gain much from construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.


This critical energy infrastructure project will be constructed through a partnership between building tradesmen and women and Energy Transfer Partners; combining the most highly skilled and trained pipeline workforce with a business which has a strong track record of successfully operating pipeline and transportation services.


For the highly skilled and trained men and women of LIUNA, projects like the Dakota Access are more than just pipelines. They are crucial lifelines to family-supporting jobs.


The half-million members of LIUNA – the Laborers’ International Union of North America – are on
the forefront of the construction industry, a powerhouse of workers who are proud to build America.