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Natural Gas & Hydraulic Fracturing

LIUNA members are involved in many aspects of the production and transmission of oil, and natural gas.  We prepare and repair sites; we strengthen and repair roads; we build feeder and mainline pipelines, build processing and compression plants and maintain those plants under high standards designed to protect the workers and the people who live in surrounding communities.

Last year, LIUNA members worked approximately 11.3 million hours under our National Pipeline Agreement which is an 18% increase from the previous year. Job growth in the energy sector has been spurred by a technological revolution in the way natural gas can be extracted from shale through hydraulic fracturing. Recovering gas and oil through hydraulic fracturing holds the promise of as much as $305 billion in investment through the year 2020 and will support 3.5 million jobs. Unless stunted by over-regulation or blocked by environmental extremists, production of natural gas and North American oil will rapidly increase, as will job creation, allowing the U.S. to overtake Saudi Arabia as the largest oil producer within the next four years and become completely energy independent by 2030.

Natural gas usage is expected to grow dramatically and meet an increasing share of America’s energy needs. According to the 2013 Annual Energy Outlook, natural gas consumption is expected to rise from 24.4 trillion cubic feet annually to 28.7 trillion cubic feet in 2035 and grow to 29.5 trillion cubic feet by 2040. The report also projects that natural gas prices will remain affordable and stable over the long-term. LIUNA believes that responsible development of oil and natural gas resources is essential for the future economic prosperity of the United States.


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