General Executive Board

Terrence M. Healy

Terrence M. Healy was a student at Loyola University in Chicago in 1972 when he landed his first job as a union construction laborer after joining Local 2. He received a bachelor’s degree major in accounting then began employment with Illinois Bell Telephone Company until 1983 when he became an auditor for LIUNA. Within two years he was promoted to Assistant Regional Manager of the former Chicago Region until 1993 when he became the Great Lakes Regional Manager. At LIUNA's 21st Convention in 1996, Healy was elected Vice President and has held this title ever since. He is a trustee for two labor-employer trusts and LIUNA’s Pension, Health & Safety and Training & Education Funds. He remains committed to labor-management cooperation, apprenticeship, training and education. He has served as an Illinois State AFL-CIO Vice President since 1994 and chaired the State of Illinois Procurement Policy Board from 2004-09.

Joseph S. Mancinelli

Joseph S. Mancinelli is LIUNA’s Central and Eastern Canada Regional Manager and has been a Vice President since 1999. President of his hometown Local 837 and member since 1978, Joe oversees related entities including its H&W Plan and its Training Trust Fund. Elected as Chair in 2005, he increased growth of the Labourers’ Pension Fund to over $3.5 billion. Joe has been President of the LIUNA Ontario Provincial District Council since 1991 and Chairs CECOF (Organizing Fund) and is Trustee on LIUNA Health & Safety, Training and LECET Boards. He's dedicated to working families and through his vision helped steer LIUNA into important P3 partnerships for construction of hospitals and provincial facilities that benefit the community and creates good jobs. An advocate of strong and decisive labour legislation, Joe is tenacious in lobbying efforts and positive government policy while being committed to community causes, health care initiatives, children’s needs and the preservation of historical sites.

Dennis L. Martire

Dennis L. Martire a member of Laborers’ Local 1058, has served as an international representative, assistant director of the Construction Department, director of the Construction Department and assistant regional manager in the Mid-Atlantic Region. His focus in the region has been on helping new members organize. He was elected Vice President and named Regional Manager in 2002.

Robert E. Richardson

Robert E. Richardson has been fighting for the rights of working families for over three decades. He was a construction laborer from 1971-1978, and then Business Manager of Local 265 in Cincinnati from 1982-2009 where he partnered with contractors, community leaders, and developers to provide family supporting careers in the construction industry. He serves on Local 265’s Pension Fund, the Ohio Laborers’ District Council and is Trustee of the Ohio Laborers Training and Apprenticeship Fund and Chairman of the Health and Welfare Fund. He is a longtime civil rights activist and leader having served as an Executive Committee member of the Cincinnati NAACP for many years. Continuing his lifelong commitment to racial and economic justice, Richardson serves as a national board member of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, A. Phillip Randolph Institute, and as Commissioner for the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority. Richardson has held the position of LIUNA Vice President since 2005 and Regional Manager of the Ohio Valley and Southern States Region since 2008 and served LIUNA’s Minority Advancement Department Director since 2006.

Oscar De La Torre

Oscar De La Torre, Business Manager of the Northern California District Council of Laborers, was appointed as Vice President-at-Large of the General Executive Board in August 2010. De La Torre is a third-generation Laborer, who first joined LIUNA in 1985 as a construction laborer and member of Local Union 261 in San Francisco. In addition, De La Torre served as Secretary-Treasurer and Business Manager of Local 261. In 2009, he was elected Business Manager of the Northern California District Council of Laborers. During his career, De La Torre has built strong coalitions with non-profit groups and currently serve as Chair of the Laborers’ Community Training Foundation; President of the California Laborers for Equality and Progress; President of the State Council of Laborers; Chair of the Agency Support Unit; Vice President of the California Labor Federation; Board Member of California Alliance for Jobs and Board Member of the Foundation for Fair Contracting. De La Torre also serves LIUNA through his work as co-chair of the Northern California Laborers Pension Fund; the Northern California Laborers Health and Welfare Fund; Northern California Laborers Annuity Fund; Northern California Hodcarriers Trust Fund and the Training & Retraining Fund and the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee.

Sergio Rascón

Sergio Rascón, Business Manager of Local 300 in Los Angeles, was elected Vice President of LIUNA with the retirement of Mike Quevedo. Rascón became an agent of Local 300 in 1984. Local 300 represents more than 7,000 union Laborers in Los Angeles County. In 1989, he was elected to the Executive Board and has served as the Assistant Business Manager and President. In 1995, he was elected Business Manager and he was reelected to the same post in 1998 and 2001. Under Sergio’s direction, Local 300 raised more than $300,000 in scholarship funding for the children of Southern California union members and has become involved in more political races than in any time in its prior history, supporting progressive political campaigns and actions in its members' interest.

Robert F. Abbott

Bob Abbott joined LIUNA Local Union 292 in 1990, and has served on the Local’s Executive Board since 1996. After several years working as a Construction Laborer and foreman, in 1994 he became a compliance investigator for the LIUNA-affiliated Northwest Fair Contracting Association, then rose through the ranks to become an Assistant Business Manager of Local 292 in 1996, Assistant Business Manager of the Washington and Northern Idaho District Council of Laborers in 2002, Northwest Region International Representative in 2013, and Northwest Region Assistant Regional Manager in 2014. He has served in a wide range of other leadership positions, including President of the Central Washington Central Labor Council, Vice President of the Central Washington Building and Construction Trades Council, Vice President of the Washington State Labor Council, and as a gubernatorial appointee on several construction-related state committees, task forces, and boards. He was appointed LIUNA Vice President and Northwest Regional Manager in August 2015.

Samuel Staten, Jr.

Samuel Staten, Jr. has been an active member of LIUNA since 1972 where he began as a field laborer and worked his way up the ranks; serving as the union Recording Secretary, President, and Secretary-Treasurer, Assistant Business Manager, and then Business Manager of Local 332. Currently, Staten is the Secretary-Treasurer/Delegate of the Laborers’ District Council of the Metropolitan area of Philadelphia & Vicinity. He is also a Chairman of the Laborers’ Plasterer Tenders Health & Welfare Fund, Delegate and Vice President of the AFL-CIO, Delegate and Vice President of the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council and an Executive Board Member of Laborers’ Local 332. He serves on the board of several organizations including: the African American Labor Leaders, the Philadelphia Workforce Investment Board, the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, the Philadelphia Community of Leaders, and the Philadelphia African American Museum. In June 2016, Samuel Staten, Jr. was appointed as Vice President of the Laborers’ International Union of North America.

Michael E. Hellstrom

Michael E. Hellstrom is LIUNA Vice President and Eastern Regional Manager, a position he assumed in November 2022. A second-generation Union Laborer, Hellstrom joined LIUNA in 1984 working at the craft for what is now Laborers Local 79 – New York City. He later served the local union as an organizer and helped implement some of the union’s largest and most successful campaigns. In 1998, Hellstrom was tapped to run Laborers Local 108 serving solid waste, scrap metal, and general industry workers in the Greater New York City Region. Prior to his recent appointment as vice president and Eastern Region Manager, Hellstrom served as assistant to the business manager and then business manager of the 17,000-member Mason Tenders District Council of Greater New York and Long Island (MTDC). Tireless in his approach and unwavering in his commitment to LIUNA, Hellstrom believes unions are instrumental in setting and protecting workplace standards, developing the safe and productive workforce needed by employers, and strengthening communities through the creation of stable, middle-class careers in the industries LIUNA represents.

David A. Frye

David A. Frye, a 37-year member of LIUNA Local 120 in Indianapolis was named LIUNA Vice President and Midwest Regional Manager as of February 1, 2023. Frye, a third-generation Laborer went to work in the union on his 18th birthday and went on to serve on Local 120’s Executive Board, working as a Field Representative and becoming Business Manager of the Local in March 2003. Frye went on to serve as Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer of the Indiana Laborers’ District Council on January 1, 2014.

Donato (Dan) A. Bianco, Jr.

Donato (Dan) A. Bianco, Jr., was appointed LIUNA Vice President and New England Regional Manager by the General Executive Board effective May 1, 2023. Brother Bianco has made his mark on the labor movement and is well respected for his staunch advocacy for workers’ rights while fostering strong labor-management partnerships. He has dedicated his life to LIUNA and has remained active in many community organizations. A second-generation laborer, Brother Bianco has been a proud member of Construction and General Laborers' Local Union 271, Providence, Rhode Island since June 25, 1990. Brother Bianco worked as a construction laborer during and prior to his graduation from Providence College. Rising through the ranks of Local Union 271, Brother Bianco was elected as Secretary-Treasurer of the Local, an office he held for nearly 20 years. Additionally, Brother Bianco previously served LIUNA as an International Representative assigned to the six New England States and New York for 23 years, until his appointment as LIUNA New England Assistant Regional Manager. Brother Bianco is the Chairman of the Rhode Island Laborers’ Legal Services Fund, as well as a Trustee on the Rhode Island Laborers’ Health & Welfare Fund, Pension Fund and Annuity Fund and the New England Laborers’ Training, Health & Safety and Labor-Management Cooperation Trust.

Stephen (Steve) E. Farner

Stephen (Steve) E. Farner is Executive Director at LIUNA Headquarters and Assistant Regional Manager for the OVSS Region. He has spent his entire working life as a Laborer; first joining Local Union 846 in Chattanooga, Tennessee while still in high school and going on to hold numerous positions within LIUNA, including Local Union Business Manager, District Council Business Manager, and International Representative. He studied finance and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from East Tennessee State University and has served as Trustee on numerous benefit funds.

Ernesto J. Ordonez

Ernesto J. Ordonez is a second generation Laborer who began his career after graduating from high school in 1974 and becoming a member of Local 89. He worked as a Laborer and Laborer Foreman until his election as Recording Secretary and appointment as a Field Representative for Local 89, in 1996. In 2003 he was appointed as an International Representative for the Pacific Southwest Region and in 2005 he was appointed Assistant Regional Manager. Ernie is a 2006 graduate of the Harvard Trade Union Program. In 2017, he was appointed as Secretary-Treasurer of the Southern California District Council of Laborers until 2020, while continuing his role as Assistant Regional Manager. In 2021 he was appointed as Executive Director of LECETSW along with his continuing role as Pacific Southwest Assistant Regional Manager. On May 1, 2023 Ernie was appointed LIUNA Vice-President and Pacific Southwest Regional Manager.

Paul V. Hogrogian

Paul V. Hogrogian joined LIUNA’s General Executive Board and was elected National President of the National Postal Mail Handlers Union (NPMHU) in May of 2015. He has been an active member of the NPMHU since 1976; serving as Recording Secretary, Vice President, and President for Local 300, NPMHU’s largest Local Union. He has also served as the Regional Vice President for the Northeast Region on the National Executive Board. He has been a member of both the National Training Committee and the Field Negotiating Committee. Hogrogian was an elected delegate to the last seven NPMHU National Conventions, where he served on an array of convention committees and was Chairman of the Rules Committee at the 2004, 2008, and 2012 conventions. Additionally, Paul has served as the National Shop Steward Trainer, sat on the Article 12 Task Force, been a member of the Committee on the Future and has been a key leader on various contractual and legislative matters.