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Education Department

The Education Department helps LIUNA leaders (elected officers and union staff) develop effective leadership skills, so they can better serve members. At the 2011 Convention, LIUNA Convention Delegates mandated that newly elected Business Managers and Secretary-Treasurer’s are required to take a leadership course within their first term of office, and at least one additional course every three years thereafter.  (See Resolution 16)

Among the department's key activities are:

  • Coordinating LIUNA’s leadership education programs within LIUNA Regions.
  • Facilitating and expanding continuing education with the National Labor College and other institutions.
  • Developing leadership skills-based educational modules for Local and Regional needs.
  • Developing tools to ease and expand access to educational opportunities.

What's New in Labor Education

  • If you've been considering going back to school, why not take the next steps?  The National Labor College (NLC) is dedicated to serving the educational needs of the labor movement.  Spring semester begins January 7, 2013 and summer semester begins May 6, 2013. (Apply now for 50% off theapplication fee!)
  • The National Labor College offers Union Skills classes on issues of importance to union leaders and members over a week-long period and can earn college credit. (view schedule)
  • You’ve finished yourBachelor’s Degree at National Labor College (NLC) and now you’re wonderingwhat’s next on your educational journey? On to Graduate School for your master's degree! NLC works with several universities offering labor-orientedprograms that are useful and accessible to NLC graduates and other union members.  


Resources for union leaders, membership orientation, as well as many other tools of interest are located here.