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Corporate Affairs   

The Corporate Affairs Department was created in 2004 to expand LIUNA's capacity to map, organize, activate and protect our union's assets and benefit funds. The Department helps provide resources and training for LIUNA and LIUNA fund staff to enable them to meet their bargaining and fiduciary obligations. Our union recognized the growing need to provide information regarding the structure, governance, and strategic plans of corporations and industries of particular importance to our members. The Department continues to evolve so that it can better serve the needs of our members and the Locals, District Councils and Regions.

Among the Department’s key activities are:

        • Directs and Coordinates LIUNA’s Capital Stewardship Program – working to make sure that our pensions and other assets work on our behalf through active ownership; holding service providers accountable and voting corporate shares in accordance with worker-owner principles.

        • Develops and encourages education and training for Fund Trustees and Leaders of LIUNA Funds.

        • Develops company analysis; monitors corporate transactions; and provides capital market research and strategy formulation.