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Construction Department

The Construction Department negotiates and administers the Laborers' National Agreements and protects the union's jurisdiction in the construction industry by advising local unions and preparing for arbitration hearings when there are disputes. The department also provides resources on the Davis-Bacon Act needed to determine and enforce prevailing wages, as well as education and training opportunities to members and staff.  Currently the Laborers' have numerous National Agreements and Specialty Agreements, which the department helps maintain during contract negotiation and enforcement.

Simplified Benefit Payments Now Available In All National Agreements – Created to solve the complexity of fringe benefit reporting and payments for contractors who employ LIUNA members from multiple Local Unions, the Laborers- Employers Benefit Plan Collection Trust (LEBPCT) was established. The LEBPCT serves Laborers and contractors working under all applicable National Construction Agreements. The advantage of the LEBPCT is its simplicity – the contractor writes one check to the Collection Trust and the appropriate amounts are distributed to the Laborers’ affiliated funds. The benefit for contractors is that the LEBPCT offers a one-stop service for benefit reporting and payments. The benefit for Laborers is that work hours and contributions made on behalf of LIUNA members can be thoroughly tracked regardless of where the employee worked. To find out more information about this innovative program, please call the LIUNA Construction Department or visit the LEBPCT’s website.