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Updates from General President Terry O’Sullivan

On the 15th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, we should pause and remember the thousands of Americans who lost their lives in this vicious and cowardly terrorist attack on our nation. Their loss will always be mourned and their sacrifice will never be forgotten. We should also reflect on and commend the heroes, including LIUNA members, who participated in the 9/11 response and clean-up efforts and later the rebuilding of the World Trade Center and construction of the Flight 93 Memorial.

On behalf of the entire General Executive Board and the hard working men and women of LIUNA, I urge that we re-dedicate ourselves to honoring the memory of those who were lost on 9/11 and share our gratitude with those who responded so courag...

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Many of us will enjoy a day off for the Labor Day holiday weekend, but let’s also remember, and act upon, the true meaning of the holiday.

Labor Day was instituted in the United States and in Canada in response to the struggle and strife of working people. In the more than 100 years since the holiday was first celebrated, men and women have continued to risk their livelihoods and even their lives in the fight for unions and for economic justice. And by doing so, union workers created the largest middle class in the history of mankind.

While working people today are more likely to be attacked by anti-union politicians and corporate lawyers than by soldiers with guns, the threat to both unions and the middle class is real. Attacks ha...

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As we look forward to the Memorial Day weekend, we must remember that thousands of members of the armed services are far from home and family, and many are in or near war-zones. They yearn for the sounds of their children and spouses, and the everyday comforts we often take for granted. They are willing to give all – sometimes with the ultimate sacrifice of their lives – for our democracy and for our freedom. We owe a solemn debt of gratitude to all of our veterans on Memorial Day.

On behalf of the entire LIUNA General Executive Board, I wish each and every one of you an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend and hope that you will also take time to remember those who have served and give thanks.

As the April 28th Workers Memorial Day commemoration approaches, we can proudly highlight what we can accomplish when we have the best training programs and the right safety regulations in place.

Nationwide, workplace deaths and injuries have trended dramatically downward. For example, in 1970, 38 workers died from workplace-related causes each day. In 2014, the most recent statistic available, that number fell to 13. Workplace-related illnesses and injuries have fallen as well, from 10.9 incidents for every 100 workers to 3.2 incidents per 100 workers.

It’s good news, but not good enough. Despite our progress, the fact remains that 750 workers are expected to lose their lives this year on construction jobsites. Injuries resulting ...

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LIUNA members have been proud to be on the frontlines addressing the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Fixing pipes and distributing safe water is a no-brainer for us. It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s the work we want to do each and every day.

But the lead contamination scandal in Flint coming to light is only the tip of the iceberg. Under-investing in critical infrastructure is costing lives across the nation, strangling business and commerce and forfeiting the creation of millions of good, family-supporting jobs.

LIUNA was in the forefront last year of fighting for and winning a full-investment Highway Bill that is protecting lives by making our roads and bridges safer, helping business move goods and services, and ...

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Brothers and sisters, Laborers have always looked forward. From our founding convention in 1903, to our upcoming 25th International Convention this September, we have always believed that our best days are ahead of us. That’s why I wasn’t surprised that recent independent polling of LIUNA members found a clear preference for Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States. And that’s why our union’s General Executive Board voted unanimously to endorse her. Like us, Hillary Clinton looks forward; she knows that investing in infrastructure strengthens our great nation and creates good jobs. She understands that our challenge over the next few years is not to make America great again – it is already ...

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Eighty-seven years ago today, a great American, humanitarian, and civil rights activist was born; Martin Luther King, Jr. In his far-too-short life, the Reverend Dr. King appealed to the conscience of our nation, held our great country to its highest ideals, and challenged all of us to see, and treat, each other as brothers and sisters. This weekend, as we honor Dr. King and the movement he came to represent, let us also recommit ourselves to the ongoing pursuit of his dream: a world of equality and justice for all.

For Dr. King, racial justice, economic justice, and worker justice were all part of the same whole. We in the Labor Movement will never forget that he was assassinated while standing with striking garbage workers in Memphis, ...

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The season is rapidly approaching when politicians will come knocking on our doors and flooding our inboxes, asking for money and votes. They will give speeches, shake hands, and fill the airwaves with ads.

But before any of us gives them a dime or a vote, we should tell them what we want, and ask them exactly where they stand.

We need to ask candidates for Congress if, after 34 temporary patches of the Highway Trust, they have the guts to finally do something about our crumbling transportation infrastructure. We must tell them how crucial that is for our country's economic competitiveness, improving the safety of the traveling public and supports more than a half-million jobs each year.

When the candidates come knocking, we need to ask ...

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You may not have heard of the 40 percent benefits tax, also known as the “Cadillac” tax, but it’s a penalty built into the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that will take effect in 2018. LIUNA and others are working hard to get Congress to repeal the benefits tax because it could destroy the health and welfare funds of millions of workers, including LIUNA members.

Under the ACA as it currently stands, if a health plan’s annual cost exceeds $10,200 for one person or $27,500 for a family, it will be subject to a penalty starting in 2018. That penalty – for the crime of enrolling in quality insurance – is a 40 percent benefits tax.

The tax was intended to discourage overly generous and unnecessary plans for corp...

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Our union has always been a forceful advocate for greater investment in America’s critical transportation infrastructure, in part because of the good family-supporting jobs created by building our roads, bridges and transit systems.

But as much as anyone, LIUNA members feel the cost of decades of neglect. Whether traveling distances to construction jobsites or working in the public service, we understand how serious the issue is, not just in dollars and time, but also in lives.

You can call it death by pothole. A quick scan of the news in the past month shows the toll – from the high school senior in Michigan killed when her car struck a pothole and went airborne to the New York father who perished when he struck a pothole an...

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