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LIUNA Departments

Since its founding, LIUNA has worked to empower its members, raise their standard of living, give them a strong voice in the workplace, and protect their health and safety.

That is the mission of a staff of dedicated professionals working for you at your Union’s Headquarters in Washington, DC:

Construction Department, Greg Davis, Director, 202-942-2335 Responsible for negotiating and administering LIUNA’s national agreements and protecting and expanding the International’s jurisdiction. The Department supports Local Unions and District Councils engaged in negotiations and contract enforcement, and assists in establishing, updating and maintaining prevailing wage rates for federal construction contracts.

Organizing Department, Richard Metcalf, Director, 202-942-2269 Dedicated to expanding our market share and gaining new members to achieve higher wages and better benefits for all LIUNA members. The Organizing Department provides Local Unions and Regional Organizing Funds with support during campaigns, including materials, research and technical assistance to bring the power of LIUNA membership to workers everywhere.

It also develops and coordinates comprehensive organizing campaigns from the ground up, such as the union’s residential organizing campaign.

Legislative Department, David Mallino, Director, 202-942-2273 Gives LIUNA members a voice in the national policy decisions that affect their lives. Whether it’s job creation, prevailing wages, safety and health, retirement or any other issue affecting working families, the Legislative Department is engaged on your behalf on Capitol Hill, in Parliament, at the White House, and in federal, provincial, and state agencies.

Political Department, Bevin Albertani, Director, 202-942-2234 Works to give LIUNA members a voice in the political process and helps elect leaders who will protect your retirement benefits, create good jobs, and stop the politicians that want to dismantle everything we have fought for.

Corporate Affairs Department, Richard Metcalf, Director, 202-942-2269 Created in 2004 to expand LIUNA's capacity to map, organize, activate and protect our union's assets and benefit funds. The Department helps provide resources and training for LIUNA and LIUNA fund staff to enable them to meet their bargaining and fiduciary obligations. Our union recognized the growing need to provide information regarding the structure, governance, and strategic plans of corporations and industries of particular importance to our members. The Department continues to evolve so that it can better serve the needs of our members and the Locals, District Councils and Regions.

Strategic Communications Department, Richard Greer, Director, 202-942-2246 Created in 2006 to expand LIUNA’s ability to communicate with its membership and its affiliates. Strategic Communications helps LIUNA grow by supporting organizing efforts and strengthening the union’s voice in government and politics. The department develops communications for members, future members, employers, journalists and elected officials through printed materials, websites, e-mail, text messaging, robo-calling and news media.

Public Employee Department, Danielle LeClair, Director, 202-639-4145 Established in 1996 to promote and support the collective interests of public employees throughout North America through organizing, servicing, and education. The Department fosters long term growth of the public sector membership of LIUNA through effective communication, participation and action. The PED has facilitated growth in many ways including its Public Employee Census, which is used to identify public employee units and classifications, and the make-up of their membership in the public sector.

Minority Advancement Department, Robert E. Richardson, Director, 615-885-7196 Builds upon LIUNA’s tradition of inclusion and commitment to diversity in membership participation, elected leadership, and staff and training opportunities. The Department works to increase communication and building alliances around shared goals and values with civil rights, religious, social justice and political advocacy organizations to assist LIUNA in contributing to the national dialogue to support workers’ rights.

Education Department, Kevin O’Sullivan, Director, 202-942-2311 Helps LIUNA leaders (elected officers and union staff) develop effective leadership skills, so they can better serve members. Among the department's key activities are: coordinating LIUNA’s leadership education programs within LIUNA Regions, facilitating and expanding continuing education with the National Labor College and other institutions, and developing leadership skills-based educational modules for Local and Regional needs.

Legal Department, Ted Green, General Counsel, 202-942-2203 Provides legal advice and assistance to officers and representatives of the International Union and its affiliates. The Department focuses on a variety of issues; including federal labor law, employment law, civil rights, prevailing wage concerns, officer election disputes, NLRB, DOL and related state and federal agency matters, and assorted other litigation and legal matters involving the International Union and its affiliates. In addition, the Department handles and provides guidance on various internal union matters, including guidance on Constitutional issues and policy matters.

Inspector General’s Office, John R. Billi, Inspector General, 614-895-6970 The Office of Inspector General is responsible for investigating complaints of Barred Conduct as defined in the Code of Best Practices as well as for supervising the implementation and operation of other lawfully adopted procedures and policies of LiUNA as assigned from time to time by the General President and to report to the General President his activities and recommendations in this regard.

Information Technology Department, Matt Richard, 202-942-2243 For Headquarters and its affiliates, the IT Department provides technical guidance and assistance on computer applications and programs, with a focus on organizational management processes and ensures the security of the LIUNA information system network.